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Understanding Wills & Power of Attorney

Having a valid will is essential – We can’t stress this enough! The reality is that without one, your assets may not pass to your desired beneficiaries, and you will not have as much control over who acts on your behalf after you pass.

Additionally, your power of attorney appoints who you choose to manage your financial and personal health decisions if you lose capacity. Without these in place, the government might decide who will decide for you.

We assist our clients by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your circumstances to prepare an estate plan that provides you with the comfort of knowing your affairs are in place while also reducing potential tax burdens.

What Are The Main Areas a Will Covers?

A will is designed to outline how you want your total estate to be sorted when you die. It should fully include the assets you own and any liabilities still owing at the time of death. It will include details of who operates as executor, how assets will be distributed, how dependants will be handled, and any details about funeral arrangements.

How Often Should My Will Be Updated?

Consulting with LDR will give you the best idea of how frequently you should be updating your will, but the consensus is every few years, the will should be reviewed to update circumstances and add any additional details.

What’s the difference between a will, an executor, and a power of attorney?

Clients often confuse these three terms and want to understand what each represents. In the most straightforward terms, a will describes how to handle your estate after you die.
An executor is a person you appoint to manage the details of your will after you die.

A power of attorney acts on your behalf while you are still alive but cannot make decisions on your own.

What are the responsibilities of a power of attorney?

A Power of Attorney takes responsibility for a variety of your personal affairs. Commonly this takes the form of financial management – such as handling property, paying expenses, selling assets etc. This position also allows them to make critical decisions about your living conditions, including medical support, housing, food, and clothing.

Their role is essential in a situation that prevents you from making your own decisions.

Are you looking for advice on how best to structure a will/power of attorney situation for yourself or a loved one? Leslie has experience assessing unique family situations and offering the best road to a solution.

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We assist our clients to prepare an estate plan that provides you with the comfort of knowing your affairs are in place while also reducing tax burdens.

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