What Role Does An Estate Lawyer Play?


When a loved one passes, it can be a very emotional time that is filled with grief, sadness, and loss. The reality of dealing with and settling an estate can add to this – but we are here to help you through this transition so that you can help support your family.

When someone passes, we assist with:

* Preparing applications for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee with or without a will. The critical difference is that if there is a valid will, you appoint someone as your executor, and you will have the autonomy to choose who represents you. Without a will, someone will have to apply on your behalf. There are guidelines of who has priority to act on your behalf, but this may not be the person you would choose, which is a reason to ensure you have a valid will

*Preparing an Estate Information Return. This is a document that the Minister of Finance requires to confirm the value of the estate to submit the appropriate probate fees (estate administration tax)

* Providing referrals to accountants to assist with preparing the final tax return

*Providing referrals to appraisers where appropriate

* Preparing advertisements to creditors

*Preparing notices to beneficiaries. Amendments to legislation now require that all beneficiaries receive notice of an interest in an estate

* Preparing beneficiary releases

* Providing opinions on distributions to beneficiaries

* Preparing survivorship applications where the deceased owned property jointly with another person (often this is a surviving spouse or child)

*Preparing transmission applications where the deceased owned property gifted to a beneficiary or, in the case where there is no will, to the appropriate beneficiary.

* Preparing letters and notices to banks, government agencies, investment firms, as required

* Providing information where the deceased owned business assets

* Providing referrals if the matter proceeds to litigation

* Additional services as required

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