Simplifying Real Estate, Wills & Estate, and Family Matters to Protect your future

Leslie Robinson brings his experience working with real estate, estate planning, family law, and tax firms directly to families that need it the most - helping you easily navigate your real estate, estate planning, and family law needs.

Leslie Robinson, LDR Law

Every Family Situation is Unique, With a Unique Solution

Real estate transactions, estate planning, and family matters can often be confusing to navigate, especially considering many of these areas overlap. As a result, trying to solve a situation, prepare for the future or protect an interest can seem overwhelming.

We know what you are going through, and we are here to help.

Leslie Robinson has experience in real estate, estate planning, and family law. Through his work, Leslie strives to put himself in your situation and provide highly specialized advice and representation. Leslie also has experience in tax planning which is a valuable tool in the planning process.

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Marriage contract signing Family Law

The Importance Of Cohabitation Agreements And Marriage Contracts

Relationships are meant to last, or so we think. The vast majority of people entering into serious relationships don’t want to consider the possibility of …

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Power of Attorney Wills & Power of Attorney

What Is A Power Of Attorney?

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have your Powers of Attorney in place as part of your estate plan. I routinely speak …

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Joint Tenant vs. Tenants in Common Estate Law

Joint Tenants vs. Tenants In Common. What Is The Difference?

When it comes to taking title to a property, clients can often get confused by the two ways commonly used to go on title. The …

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Role of an estate lawyer Estate Law

What Role Does An Estate Lawyer Play?

When a loved one passes, it can be a very emotional time that is filled with grief, sadness, and loss. The reality of dealing with …

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Family looking to buy a home Real Estate Law

The Role Of The Buyer’s Lawyer

Buying real estate during the current market can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you are a first-time home buyer. The truth is that …

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Putting your kids in your will Estate Law

Putting Kids On Title – Is It Worth The Risk?

Putting your Kids on Title is Risky Many people put their kids on title as joint tenants to benefit from the right of survivorship. This …

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Family & Estate

Legal Services

We know that every situation is unique and requires a combination of services. We work with a diverse base of clients and pride ourselves on developing custom solutions to clients’ individual needs. 

Wills & Power of Attorney

We assist our clients to prepare an estate plan that provides you with the comfort of knowing your affairs are in place while also reducing tax burdens.

Real Estate Law

We can assist with residential, condominium, new construction, commercial, and rural transactions across Ontario.

Family Law

We assist clients with resolving their family law matters in a cost-efficient manner that does not proceed to litigation.

Probate & Estate Administration

We assist with preparing the appropriate application to the court for a certificate of appointment of an estate trustee.

Notarizing & Commissioning

We are both notaries public and commissioners of oaths. We provide notarial services to clients who need documents notarized.

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