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LDW Corporate and Business Law Services

LDR Law provides business and corporate law services for start-ups and existing businesses. 


Whether you want to enter a partnership or incorporate, we are here to navigate you through the process and afterwards. Deciding to incorporate can provide many protections to investors, including limited liability and tax savings.

However, there are many issues to consider, especially as they relate to compliance. Our firm assists clients with provincial and federal incorporations. We can help you prepare the required corporate documents, including (but not limited to) articles of incorporation, by-laws, resolutions share certificates, articles of amendment, and articles of dissolution. We also assist with preparing and submitting the required government filings with the appropriate government entities.

Once you are incorporated, we help with ongoing corporate services such updating minute books and assisting with corporate transactions.


If you already own a business, we can assist with preparing all types of business contracts. From buy-sell agreements, to partnership agreements, litigation, and others, contact us and we will provide you with sound legal advice and air-tight contracts.

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