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Do you need a will?


Everyone needs a Will. Too many people think that if they have no assets then they don’t need to prepare one, but this is not true. The truth is we don’t know what we will own or what our circumstances will be when we pass away.  Without a valid will, your assets may not pass to you would want them to. Additionally, the person you would want to act on your behalf may not be able to and the court might need to approve.

Our Lawyers provide comprehensive and detailed guidance on the entire estate planning process for your Will(s) and Powers of Attorney. 

We conduct a throughout intake and consider your assets, debts, citizenship, as well as your family circumstances.

From here, we provide highly specialized and detailed advice.

A driving factor for a lot of planning is the impact of taxation at death. 

For different clients, different estate planning methods can be used such as using multiple wills to separate assets, transferring ownership in to joint names, and ensuring there are beneficiaries on registered plans.

We also review how Trusts can be used to help control assets if and when required.

Primary Reasons to have a Will


1. Allows you to choose the Executor of your choice


2. Allows you to appoint a guardian(s) of your minor children. Without a will, a court will decide who becomes guardian(s).


3. When your children should become entitled. Without a Will, the public guardian will get involved if they are under 18 and then they will get it all at 18.


4. A will eliminates a potentially complicated and expensive process to administer your estate.

Avoid Disputes

5. A will eliminates family disputes and costly litigation and delays that may result from not having a will.


6. A will allows you to appoint a trustee to manager money for a disabled beneficiary and avoids the possibility of a disabled beneficiary from losing government benefits when there is no will.


7. A will ensures that your child’s spouse will not inherit your estate in the event they separate or divorce from your child.


8. Can provide provisions for common law partners

Reduce Expenses

9. If you die without a will, there may be more costs and taxes which would reduce the amount available to your beneficiaries and loved ones.

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